Create a Magnetizing Landing Page for Your Blog

WordPress made quite a name in the marketing industry by helping other marketers in promoting their websites and blogs or services. Change is the only constant thing in the world and because change is an inevitable event, marketers are in difficulty achieving a steady WordPress landing page.


The reasons why you want to make a landing page is also the basis of how the landing page should be presented. Is your purpose for creating it mainly for promotion of product or Optimizepress services? Before anything else, let's discuss one more time about product sales and list building before you put your landing page into action.


You need to think about this thoroughly because it can take a seriously complicated and meticulous process if ever you decide to do this on your own. Luckily, you have at least two options. Your first option is purchasing a product that enables you to make pages, most importantly, for WordPress. Most commonly, the cost of these particular products is around $20-$100. The second one is for you to do coding and programming on your own. Since we don't have all day to discuss about this, I am not going to delve deeper into this option. The important thing is that this option is mainly for making a static landing page which will get rid of unimportant parts of your webpage and keeping all the important ones so it's easy for visitors to navigate and explore.


Let us now proceed on planning on how to make your landing page attractive to visitors. It is essential that your page can pull new readers into your blog. It is possible that they have no clue at all about the page and what it has. You have to make sure that you will impress and surprise your visitors at how good your page is but avoid overdoing it to the point that they will get intimidated. One effective technique that will surely catch your visitors attention is to put up the first few paragraphs of your best Thrive Content Builder Review articles. Also, inform your visitors properly by posting all the categories as well as the rss feed so they'll get the picture. Do not make too much details that will separate your landing page totally from your blog so visitors won't get confused when they changeover. Your landing page can be perceive as the tourist spot of your blog. The landing page should be able to convince visitors to stay and explore more on your blog.


As soon as they are deep enough, you can convince them to avail your services and products. The worst part is that this is also the most challenging part of using your landing page. But then again, after this part will be easy and effortless. Just remember that the landing page is for attracting visitors and not for shooing them away from your blog. Read about the history of blogging here at